SMEs PR Strategy Development and Implementation

SMEs PR Strategy Development and Implementation

As a small and start-up business, SMEs need to have well-planned PR strategies to help them realize business goals. PR strategies focuses on interactions with customers, the media and other key industry players and influencers, thus, building loyal, two-way relationships across various channels.

Commken helps develop and implement a PR strategy customized for every business to address their unique needs. We develop the strategy with you, not for you, just to ensure that you are fully and actively involved in the realization of the desired outcome for your business.

Some of the strategies include;

  1. Multichannel Marketing Communications Strategy: Strategy for supporting marketing efforts relating to product launch, special campaigns, brand awareness, image, and positioning.
  2. Customer Relations/Stakeholder Engagement: Strategies for managing relationships with the target market and lead consumers. Conducting market research to know more about interests, attitudes, and priorities of the customers and crafting strategies to influence the same using earned media.
  3. Community Relations: Strategies for CSR that entails the social aspect of the brand and to establish a positive reputation in the social niche like environment protection, education, etc.
  4. Media Relations Strategy: Generate positive news coverage about the organization, its products, services, people, and activities. Press release, media/press kit, and interview leading to a news article about a new product launch; press conference
  5. Content Development/Storytelling: Focus will be on what is unique about the business, whether that’s the product or service you offer, the culture you’ve built, the problem you solve, the way you hire, how you give back. Topics like that offer an enterprising reporter the opportunity to report on something truly new or of human interest. SMEs can use their stories to draw in the target audience as well as increase their profile and build brand awareness.

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