The Power of Content and Influencer Marketing: Why Brands should partner with creators and influencers

It is safe to say that content creators and influencers are now indispensable components of digital marketing.

Influencers and content creators are thought leaders who use social media as a platform to share their testaments with thousands, if not millions, of like-minded consumers. What brand wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Like most charismatic preachers, they know how to speak to their flock.

From Beyoncé’s disco ball cowboy hat, Sauti sol convincing us we are missing out on the world for not having the latest infinix phone, to Tiwa Savage and her partnership with MAC cosmetics, we are buying what they are selling.


What does that mean for brands in 2023?


  1. Communities are essential. Influencers are trusted figures within a niche community, such as a fitness vlogger on YouTube with extensive weight training and proper nutrition knowledge. Advertising through influencers allows brands to promote through someone that a niche community watches, engages with and trusts daily. So, instead of being sceptical of a commercial or social media ad, consumers trust that if their influencer of choice loves the product, they will too.
  2. Increased Brand Awareness. Social media influencers have a large network of followers engaged with their content. The followers of social media influencers like Azziad provide a platform for promoting or endorsing your brand. Their reach online expands your reach and positioning online. Partnering with an influencer is the quickest way to increase brand awareness.
  3. Quickly Build Brand Trust. The relationship between influencers and their followers is built upon trust, openness, candid, friendliness and inclusion. Scroll through the videos of your social stars, and you’ll see them gush over their fans, thanking them for their support and declaring their love for them. This affirmation of their continued support further encourages their followers’ devotion. And it also makes them feel like they are part of something bigger. Humans like to belong; good influencers connect with their followers and make them feel part of something bigger. That trust is transferable to the brands the influencer naturally connects with and promotes. Partnering with influencers and creators relevant to your target audience is a quick way to build trust.
  4. Improve Search Engine Ranking. When anyone types out your business’s name, you want to be the first link. But that doesn’t just happen. Getting a higher search engine ranking is not easy: Google and other popular search engines constantly change their algorithms to keep up with search results. You can no longer rely on long-tail keywords alone. Partnering with social media influencers is one of the most effective ways to stay at the top of the game. Influencers can help improve your SEO by including links from your website in their blog or social media posts. This could potentially send many new website visitors your way, and if these visitors stick around and engage with your content, it can also help improve your rankings.
  5. Influencers and creators Engage on a Whole New Level. Any marketing department will do its best to respond and engage with consumers. But not to influencers’ or content creators’ level. They give 120%. An influencer is there to engage 100% with their audience, giving their ultimate attention to your potential client base. Their survival relies on engagement. They do not have a stable paycheck like marketers and advertising agencies. Which is often why they will work so much harder.

Ignoring the importance of partnering with content creators and influencers is like living under a rock. This advertising can help people learn about your company and grow your clientele. With collaboration, research, and creative freedom from the influencer, you can look forward to increasing your brand awareness and building a strong community.

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