Some common challenges in PR continually slow down an agency and hinder PR performance. However, companies use various tools for their public relations purposes to solve challenges, including annual reports, brochures and magazines for employees and the public, Websites to show good things they’re doing, speeches, blogs, and podcasts. The most commonly used PR tools include press releases, news conferences, and publicity. Sponsorships, product placements, and social media also generate a lot of positive PR. Below are some of the ways these  PR tools solve challenges

Getting Personal and Building Media Relationships When Competition is Fierce

Always remember that the best way to befriend a journalist is to make their work life easier. This means delivering not only newsworthy stories but all the necessary details, spokesperson quotes, photos, and logos they will need to write and develop an article for quick review and publication. These are the new PR spaces where you want to invite your media contacts to join you. Show them how you can make their writing lives so much easier, and you’ll show them they can count on you to deliver excellent PR pitches with everything they need at their fingertips.

Delivering PR Reports with Clear ROI

The steps for each PR report include collecting digital clippings, organizing them into a cohesive report, and then valuing them. For an extended period, PR professionals could only dream about PR analytics and PR measurement tools that could assess and calculate media mention values at the push of a button. That’s no longer the case, with PR reporting tools now here to save the day.

Maintaining an Up-to-Date Media Database

Media database allows communications professionals to search and find the right people to contact when seeking earned media coverage. Identifying the right editors and influencers for your brand or client has never been more important. Along with the exciting growth of mediums for capturing PR, like print, web, TV, podcasts, and influencers, comes the lengthy and growing lists of contacts to collect, research, label, and update regularly. No matter how revolutionary your announcement is, it will never get past your owned channels if you don’t have a way to find the right journalists and the means to reach them. Addressing these challenges means reducing daily workloads for your team and improving your team’s PR performance and output.

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